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How Your Business Can Benefit From Using SOPs

Do you feel like you and your business are a mess? You have mountains of paperwork, policies, and questions and feel as though you have no idea where to start when climbing this mountain. You do not have the organization to function the way you should.

This is why you need to have strong SOPs. When this happens, you will see growth like you never have before, and you’ll have more time for yourself than you ever thought you could have. Here at SMASH, we have helped hundreds of businesses streamline their operations procedures and SOPs through our automation and systems coaching over the past decade. We promise that when you read this article, you will have a strong understanding of operations, SOPs, and why they are CRUCIAL to implement into your business. Now, let’s get into it.

What Are Operations? Operations are all of the day-to-day inner processes that make your company run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Think of it as a machine with several different assembly lines. Operations include every little detail on how you run your business, from client onboarding to the sales process to fulfilling the service and, of course, following up with the client afterward. When you think of operations, you need to really think of day-to-day systems, especially when we discuss SOPs. Why SOPs Are Important SOPs stands for “standard operating procedures,” are the specific step-by-step instructions so that workers can carry out daily tasks in the exact same way every time. They need to be written out as clearly as possible. That way, your employees can do things the exact way you want them to do things, even when you are away. This can give you more freedom as an entrepreneur and take back control of your life and dedicate more time to you and your family. Having strong SOPs means that you have a well-running machine, and this will improve your business in all other aspects. How To Apply SOPs To Your Business The first step is to write down every process you do on a regular basis, and write down exactly what you are doing as you are doing them. It has been said many times, but you need to be as clear and specific as possible when writing these out. Think of how these are instructions for someone else to do them (which is the end goal for you, right?) Once they are written out in a way that you think will work for your employees, have someone test it out and then see what their results are. That way, you can figure out any kinks that need to be adjusted. Then, once you make those fixes, congratulations! You are ready to implement this SOP. It is critical that you check all of your SOPs every 30-90 days approximately so that you can make sure everything is running smoothly. In Summary SOPs are CRITICAL to the success of your business, especially if you want to grow and scale your company in the future. The time is now to take back your life and have the entrepreneur lifestyle you always wanted. Here at SMASH, we have helped hundreds of business owners streamline their systems and processes with our top-notch coaching, and the impact it has made on the owners has been astronomical.

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