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The Solution To Taking Back Your Business

Every solution for your business needs, in one location.

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What Do You Need Help With Right Now Inside Your Business?


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Train Your Sales Reps To Drive Revenue For Your Business.

Learn proven and repeatable methods to train your sales reps to win more jobs.


Next-Level Digital Marketing Solutions For Your Lead Generator Needs.

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Next-level creative digital marketing solutions for your business.


Innovate Your Business Through Automation.

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Your business runs more efficiently through trusted technology and software. Build automations to stay on top of your client communications.


Scale Your Business With Proven Systems.

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Build systems that allow your business to run like a well-oiled machine.


Not Able To Find The Right People For Your Business?

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To grow your business, you must be able to hire, and retain the right employees.

Why You Should Work With


All of SMASH coaches have either owned or worked inside a small business just like yours. We know and understand the unique struggles that you face as you grow and scale your company.


We also know you want to spend more quality time with your family, and we want to help you create the freedom to do just that.


Take the first step today.


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"When I first came [to a SMASH event] in March, my phone was constantly blowing up with fires to put out. It made me realize I needed to take myself out of the business. I’ve been getting organized with people in places and real leaders. With Jon, Katy, and the team's help, it’s been really cool to see transformation in the business."

 - Michael Hartel -

Cabinet IQ & Hartel Homes

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